Letter: Comical response

Nov. 13, 2012 @ 09:20 AM

Dear Editor:

I enjoy the Sunday Courier more than any other. It contains much more than the current local, national and world news.  

Along with magazine, sale paper and coupon inclusions, there's the funnies. 

I didn't need the funnies for my laugh this week because it came from the "Facebook Question of the Day: How can we take better care of our veterans?"  

One published response: "Always vote in a godly manner.  Currently, that means straight Republican."  

Now I ask you, who needs the funnies after that one? Certainly not this veteran. Webster defines Godly as: divine: pious and devout. I submit there's not a handful of Godly people in either political party.  

This absurd statement is more evidence that one should avoid party affiliation and consider changing your registry to Independent!


Ron Atchley

Forest City