LETTER: Stricter control over animal ownership

Jul. 10, 2014 @ 09:38 AM

Dear Editor:

I can certainly empathize with Lt. Godlock's comments in the front page article from July 4, 2014. People need to stop with the animal over-population.

I work in Rutherford and Cleveland counties and it never fails, every home I've been at has in its yard, or the neighboring yards, numerous unwanted pets left in pens or tied to stakes sitting in all types of weather, crying for attention, needing the bare necessities with the people sitting on their butts ignoring these pitiful creatures. 

Why on earth do they even bother getting them in the first place? Is it pure stupidity, selfishness or just plain ignorance? 

It breaks my heart to see and hear these creatures suffer. The "lucky" ones may get a chance of a caring home if taken to the local animal shelter, but their days are numbered. 

It's not cute to let Spot or Fluffy have a few litters just so the kids can have the experience of nature at work. 

I hear dogs howling all night in my own neighborhood. I've called local law enforcement but there appears to be no penalty for pet owners' stupidity. 

On my visits to the animal control center in Rutherfordton to donate items or adopt a pet, I have seen nothing but caring, concerned citizens (all volunteers) doing their best to give these poor animals a little TLC. 

We need stricter control over who is and who isn't allowed to own animals. Maybe a "tax" of some sort. That might wake up a few of the idiots. 


Karen Chappell