Letter: Questions for REMC notice

Mar. 17, 2013 @ 11:38 AM

Dear Editor:

I am writing you as a concerned citizen, a resident of Rutherford County and a REMC member in regards to the recent notice on Box Creek Wilderness.

To know that there is a piece of land as large as 5800 acres, the largest Registered Natural Heritage Area in North Carolina residing in our county makes me proud to call Rutherford County my home for almost 20 years. Now to hear that REMC (Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation) gave notice to Mr. Sweeney, the owner, 30 days after he purchased Box Creek, informing him that they've been planning since 1990 to put a power line straight through the heart of this pristine Wilderness?

What is REMC planning to do with my property or yours, would they even tell us?

Even now, there may be plans in the works to condemn other properties that are privately or county owned, in the name of progress. Why is there no requirement to inform any and all property owners or prospective buyers of their intentions? When I asked that very question of REMC's Mr. Burleson, I was told that they were not required to make this information public, nor to their "members" even though as an REMC customer/member, I will be paying for this route, when it appears there are other routes that are less expensive, less intrusive and more viable?

I ask all Rutherford County citizens and especially REMC customer/members to look into this situation. We OWN this county, not them.


Deirdre Perot Lightsey