LETTER: Become educated

Dec. 22, 2013 @ 08:51 AM

Dear Editor:

Unlike many of the authors of letters to this paper I do not want to deceive you into thinking that I am some sort of expert or that you must be ignorant or gullible to think in any way contrary to myself. I have received very little health care in my short life. Most of my experience has come by going through the process with friends and family. I am a blue collar worker that wishes to share some simple observations.

In my lifetime there has been nothing “free market” about our health care system. I cannot compare prices offered by doctors or hospitals. I have never been able to determine the “out the door” price for almost any health care service. I never know my final price until the bills stop coming. I may get half dozen bills for one simple procedure.

In my lifetime my “freedom to choose” providers has been extremely limited. My choices have always been strictly limited to those offered by my employer. Some years my choices change and I lose my providers.

In my experience the “standard of care” is directly related to your level of knowledge and ability to advocate. If you allow yourself to be blindly led by the industry you will be sorely disappointed.

Opponents of the ACA lose credibility when they hold our private system up as a shining example. Private insurance is a middle man that takes much more from the system than it provides.


Kurt Doggett

Forest City