LETTER: Issues with Bostic-Sunshine highway

Dec. 22, 2013 @ 10:50 AM

Dear Editor:

Since the letter from Bill Coxe, we have had yet another accident at the Dollar General/Bostic/Sunshine intersection! In between those accidents, I have been in a vehicle where on two consecutive days, one vehicle, in a hurry to come from the Bostic/Sunshine highway, pulled across the road in front of us into the Dollar General parking lot, causing us to have to brake quickly to avoid that car. 

The very next day, a car in the turning lane coming from the Ellenboro direction turned into Dollar General in front of our car and my son had to slam on his brakes to avoid this car.  

We were not speeding, the other drivers just need to wake up. 

These are not the only two occasions when this has happened.

Someone from the Sheriff's Dept. is there mornings directing traffic for the period from a while before 8 a.m. until a little after 8:00. A traffic light would take care of some of this.

Someone, or several will probably die there before something is done about it. Drivers, pay attention!  Our little bit of traffic will eventually clear and you can rush into the store for whatever is so important that you would risk your life and others for just to get there.   


Barbara Moore