Welcome back Farmers Market

Apr. 03, 2013 @ 05:03 AM

For the second consecutive year, the Farmers Market of Rutherford County has opened its doors at a new location off of U.S. 74A in Spindale.

Producers came to market Tuesday morning for what we hope to be the first of many fantastic days of operation during the season.

With hours of operation increasing to Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning, it is the first of many new changes at the market.

Tuesday marked a big change in the market as producers from outside Rutherford County were allowed to sell their produce to the residents of the county.

“This will help the market to grow to bring in vendors,” said market manager Ricky Horne. “It will also give more variety to the public.”

We could not agree more.

Farmers markets got their start as a way to allow people to grow a variety of produce in their backyards or small acreage and sell that produce to their neighbors.

Recently, the Rutherford County Commission agreed to invest in an expansion of the Farmers Market which included the hours of operation, extension of a water line to the property and implement an Internet marketplace originally designed through the now-inoperable Foothills Connect.

Even through all of the scaled expansion of the market, the one key element to it all has been location.

Previously, the market was operating out of a “building” at the Rutherford County Fairgrounds in Spindale. It wasn’t until last year that the county commission decided to allow the market to move to its current location.

Between improvements to the facility and the new location, the Farmers Market has the ability to become a thriving operation.

The new location allows for more exposure to the everyday resident that may have an interest in local produce but, in the past, had no way of knowing where to go to get it.

We have talked about the county’s desire to sell the property near ICC for the purposes of economic development but it is hard to overlook the potential for that development by keeping the market in its present location.

We have stressed it before, and we’ll do it again: There is no hurry to find some alternative location for the market as where it is presently is the best option for the sustainable growth the vendors, customers and the county are hoping for.

We hope that Tuesday’s opening is the start of a great season for the Farmers Market and we encourage county residents to spend time at the market to find all of the great produce that it has to offer.

By Matthew Clark, for the Editorial Board


The Daily Courier Editorial Board consists of community members Jerry Brewer, Kyle Bingham, Tom Padgett, Dr. Shermaine Surratt and Cliff Strassenburg as well as Editor Matthew Clark.