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Nov. 26, 2014 @ 09:35 AM

OUR VIEW: Be careful on the roads

This is the time of year for people to revisit what they are thankful for.

Nov. 25, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

OUR VIEW: Now, a little recognition for the west

Those of us in western North Carolina have often felt like the stepchildren to the rest of the state, especially when it comes to the General Assembly.

Nov. 23, 2014 @ 09:53 AM

OUR VIEW: Cheers and Jeers

Cheers … for the groundbreaking for the EMS station in Henrietta. County Commissioners must now follow through with awarding contracts for the new Henrietta Branch Library in February 2015. 

Nov. 21, 2014 @ 09:08 AM

OUR VIEW: The sun can be a valuable ally

Rutherford County and North Carolina have evolved into an energy realm that can pay dividends in the near future.

Nov. 20, 2014 @ 09:42 AM

OUR VIEW: Bipartisanship works … when it makes sense

Some consider a call to bipartisan arms silly, impossible and against their interpretation of government.

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Feb. 14, 2013 @ 08:00 PM

Poll: Medicaid expansion and the state health exchange

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Oct. 18, 2012 @ 12:21 PM

Poll: What do you think about the new Daily Courier website

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