Up for the challenge?

Sep. 07, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

I have always considered myself fairly competitive and looking for new adventure and challenges that help me grow personally and professionally. I am a hard worker and believe in standing up for what is right and in trying to do the right thing if there is any way possible.

Most people I have worked for have commented in saying “if you don’t want to know … then don’t ask Lori, cause if you ask she will tell you whether you like it or not.” A very dear friend of mine, Joyce Ferguson of Rutherford County says I am a “right fighter.”

I am honestly still trying to figure out if any of those comments are good qualities or not. My mother tells me very regularly that “just because something is the truth does not mean we need to always say it.”

I am a native of Boiling Springs — Flinthill community where the rest of the Ledbetter’s (my maiden name) reside and I grew up in Shelby. I was raised in a middle-class family with two older brothers and one older sister.

Yes, I am the baby and I love it and still try in any way shape or form to use it if and when it benefits me with the family.

Both of my parents were hard working parents; mill workers for Fiber Industries until they were laid off, afterwards my dad was a prison guard for Cleveland County and was called the” handy man “because of other jobs plumbing/carpentry etc. he did to provide for our family.

My mom worked in Harris Teeter as the bakery manager for many years before retiring although she is involved in volunteering with the outreach committee at their church and helps prepare food for the homeless shelter.

Although my dad has retired, he has not stopped. Either he cuts grass for anyone that can pay him and still does a lot of his handyman work at, I am sure a really reasonable rate and even for those that can’t he is still willing to lend a hand. My mom likes to keep him busy and says he feels better and is just a much happier person when he is active, the kids say it is so he is out of her hair.

My siblings and I learned at a young age from our parents that what are most important is not what your title is or the job you chose but the pride you take in working hard and putting your best foot forward. I was raised in a family that not only learned to work hard but to also volunteer in helping others whether it be in church or in other civic organizations.

My entire family has been such an example for me giving back to their community in so many ways and I am very proud of them and what they teach me by allowing their actions to mirror their words.

The Daily Courier is like a second home for me and so are the people that are working here and living here in this county. Rutherford County is part of who I am and has been a big part in molding me as I have grown over the years.

I have met so many influential people that have inspired and encouraged me over the years and for that I am grateful. I am a 2003 graduate of Leadership Rutherford.

In 2009 my husband Mark and I married in Historic St. Luke’s Chapel by Rutherford Regional Hospital, I honeymooned at Lake Lure Inn and Spa.

My daughter Brandy’s first car, my husband’s construction van and my cars were purchased here in Rutherford County. I shop, dine, attended and worked fund raising and civic organizations in this county along with many street festivals. I have been a part of Forest City Kiwanis since 2002 and am now active secretary for the club. My step daughter Sarah Sherman is part of the school system and is a kindergarten teacher at Harris Elementary.

I have been to the birth center to visit several new births at the hospital, visited the sick and attended many funerals for loved ones of this county. I care for you and this county.

I have been with Paxton Media Inc. since 2000. I love this company and the people I have worked with and continue to work with. Yes, some were great, good, and even bad however all are lessons in teaching me things I want to keep doing, some things I don’t want to do and will not do and most definitely things I should strive to try to do better. Isn’t that what we all should be doing?

We all have our moments but I believe for the most part everyone here, including me wants to do a good job for you in giving first and foremost the most current LOCAL news, information and advertising for Rutherford County in addition to providing quality customer service.

I want to especially thank those that have called emailed or posted comments good and bad. I believe that every complaint we get is a gift and it should give us a chance to do something about it and possibly a chance to see something we did not know about. I truly appreciate those that offered support and encouragement. Words cannot express my gratitude. I have heard from friends and acquaintances I have not seen in years since first coming to work here, and for that I am honored!

I will do my best for this local newspaper and caring community because I understand what that means to all of us!