Well ... it finally came

Feb. 19, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

I remember a few weeks ago when everyone was on pins and needles, racing to the grocery store in hopes of beating the ferocious winter storm that was coming to Rutherford County.

Alas, there was the look of disappointment among winter weather fans when all it did was rain and sleet. No snow.

Coming from Kansas, snow is really not that big of a deal. It happens about every winter. It is menacing if, for no other reason, than because everyone seems to forget how to drive when the snow does come.

That being said, in my close-to-two years in North Carolina, I had not seen snow.

I waited with baited breath last winter for the first sign of snow, and it never happened.

In all honesty, I was more waiting on towns to virtually shut down at the call of snow like I had been told would happen when I first arrived.

But, it never happened.

After the winter was over last year, I seemingly forgot about it as we moved into spring and summer.

But, around December, there was the talk about the winter snow.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did see blizzard-like conditions driving back from Kansas near Asheville after Christmas, but it was dark and it wasn’t in Rutherford County so I don’t count that.

Nonetheless, after the first call for snow in January, I was excited. I was going to see what all of the fuss was about.

And ... nothing.

So, on Friday, I heard about the prospect of winter weather, but I considered the old story about crying wolf too many times. While I did a story, I dismissed it as just weather blather and paid it no mind.

But, imagine my surprise on Saturday afternoon when I was looking out the window and saw big, fat snowflakes coming down ... in Rutherford County.

I found myself trying to hide my giddiness so as not to alarm the 10 children we had at the house.

But, inside I was smiling just like I was when I was kid, staring out my front door in south Wichita watching the snow fall for hours.

One obvious question is did I play in the snow on Saturday? No, but it was tempting.

I will say that snow in North Carolina has a different look than snow I have seen elsewhere. It seemed more pure and gorgeous as opposed to the blah snow I had been used to.

It really doesn’t matter whether it snows again this winter or not ... I am satisfied with what I have seen.

But, the feelings of anxiety may come back again next year.


Matthew Clark is the Editor of The Daily Courier. He can be reached at 828-202-2927 or emailed at mclark@thedigitalcourier.com. Follow him on Twitter @UMass_MClark or @TDCMatt