Education at a fun pace

May. 01, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To be honest, I was struggling with what to write about upon arriving to work Tuesday morning. There was really nothing coming to mind that I felt gave me an avenue to ramble on about for a few inches.

So as I gathered my gear and headed out on the day’s the first assignment I kept my mind open for ideas. It didn’t take long however to get one.

Upon entering Brad Hutchins’ Architectural 3 Honors Class at R-S Central High School, I was amazed at what I saw. From the small group of students working together to the large HD computer monitors in front of them, it seemed more like the type class found back in art school.

That was eye-catching enough, but then I was introduced to a bright young man named Dustin Cook who just recently placed first in an architectural drafting competition at the 2013 NC Skills USA State Conference in Greensboro. Hearing of his exploits were impressive, but it was his overall enthusiasm and excitement when he spoke of what he was doing in the classroom that I really took note of.

And who could blame him. The advancements in technology coupled with a school board that understands the needs for such technology have provided a learning environment that allows students to take an interest and turn it into a passion.

Now’s the part where I sound old ... but If I had half of what is available to students back in my day, well there’s no telling what I could have done. So a word to all the students currently filling seats Monday through Friday, “have fun and enjoy learning.”

Make sure you catch the “study bug” early ‘cause once you find that one thing that lets your talents shine you will continue to develop and improve at your own pace as you go.

Now I know not every class on the schedule can be as fun as your favorites, but each one offers in their own way certain valuable skills and knowledge that in the end will help with where you want to end up in your career.

And for you soon-to-be college freshmen out there, it’s okay if you haven’t yet made that “major” choice. You will find where you want to be in time. Believe me, as you progress through your academic carrier, more challenges and opportunities will await to test and awaken talents you didn’t even know you had.

So consider this an optimistic tip of the hat and round of applause for each and every faculty member and student filling the halls and classrooms of Rutherford County’s awesome schools. Keep it up! The future couldn’t look brighter.