Clark: Getting past the bah-humbug

Nov. 20, 2012 @ 10:22 AM

Usually when the holidays come around, I find the quickest way to inundate myself with work and the like just so I don't have to participate in the traditional holiday cheer.

I've never really regarded the holidays as a time of celebration and that can go back to my childhood.

Through really no one's fault, the holidays just have never resonated with me the way that they do with a majority of the populous.

I have never been big on holiday parades, family gatherings or really anything of the like.

Now, I know that makes me seem like a scrooge, or a holiday-hater, but that really has never been the case.

I just have not been able to get wrapped up in Thanksgiving or Christmas the way that I see everyone else being able to.
To that extent, I get a little jealous.

I look on with envy at people who take joy and pride in shopping for the holidays and getting ready for family gatherings.

I also get somewhat envious at people in stores that sing along with the holiday music that plays throughout area merchants during this time of the season.

Try as I might, I can never seem to get over my indifference.

Even when I spend holidays surrounded with people that find the season full of joy and happiness, I have found myself more agitated than engulfed with their same sentiments.

This year, I am pledging to make it different.

I will enjoy the hours of shopping and gift-wrapping.

I will not find new and creative excuses to work on the holidays just so I won't have to be around those that enjoy the season.

I will not roll my eyes every time I walk into a store and hear holiday music as I look for the quickest route out of that very store.

I will watch at least one Christmas parade this season without having to photograph it or cover it for work which, by the way, I have done for the last nine years straight.

I will have a smile on my face when the prospect of visiting relatives in a far-off state becomes an ever-present reality.

And, while I am on that trip, I will not check my news feeds for any late-breaking news that may require my attention.

Finally, I will not be a scrooge during the holiday season.

No matter what my past experiences involving doing everything that I can to avoid the holidays tell me to do.

With that, I certainly hope that you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

Matthew Clark is the Editor of The Daily Courier. He can be reached at 828-202-2927 or emailed at Follow him on Twitter @UMass_MClark