Maybe next year

Apr. 18, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

If you haven’t heard already, Wisconsin lost the semifinal game for the NCAA tournament against Kentucky on Saturday, April 5. Apparently the letter I wrote to them in a previous column didn’t work.

In the letter I asked Wisconsin to win because my title as reigning office bracket champion depended on it. But to my dismay, they didn’t listen.

I watched the game at home with my family. About halfway into it I began pleading with Wisconsin to try something different because their offense wasn’t working. I was talking to the television, but I guess they couldn’t hear me then either.

As most March Madness games go, it came down to the last few seconds and Kentucky triumphed 74-73. Disappointed, I realized this meant sports editor Travis Durkee and I were now tied in the bracket competition. And I knew that Travis would insist on a tiebreaker.

On Monday, April 7, the day of the championship game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Connecticut Huskies, I got a text from Travis saying he had figured out what the tiebreaker would be. He asked me to predict the final combined score and whoever came the closest would be the winner. At the end of the game, Travis and Connecticut were the victors.

It was a sad moment for me because I had my heart set on beating everyone in the office, and that didn’t happen. Much like the Badgers, I had made it to the semifinals but couldn’t finish the job. Daddy and I made a great bracket but in the end it all came down to luck. And I guess luck was on Travis’ side this time.

So, sadly I did not get a trophy for winning, but I’m not completely crushed. I know that I did my best and gave it my all when it really counted. At least I beat editor Matt Clark and writer Jacob Conley. I can always rub that in their faces, I guess.

Next year I will be better prepared for such a tiebreaker. I will not lose again, and I will get that trophy. My daddy has already cleaned off a spot on the mantel for it.

 I also have one last letter to the Wisconsin Badgers.

 Dear Badgers,

I’m sure you tried your best. I’m not going to hold the loss against you because it happened and you need to move forward and work hard for next year. But let’s try not to let this happen again.