Now, the second order of business

Sep. 28, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

A few months back a decision was made to start mail delivering to Lake Lure and Chimney Rock.

Talk about rocky, this has not been a pleasant experience which continues to show all of us that our readers still want that print product in hand and that is music to our ears.

Our carrier was just not making ends meet to make the drive to pick up papers here at The Daily Courier and haul to that part of the county and make the drive back to Forest City.

One would have to admit there is quite a bit of distance from one side of this county to the next.

Distance, gas, time and, let’s not forget money, was up against them.

Gas being as high as it has been, not to mention a lot of separation between homes that choose to purchase our product.

The carrier just had to make a decision.

Well, choices are made and sometimes we just have to take a step back and try to maybe dig a little deeper, ask for a little help along the way and hope for some better ideas that can put you back in the right direction.

After all, it is all about providing a service and trying to give our best service.

I learned the hard way at an early age from my sweet mother that it is ok to ask for help every now and then.

We are not individually supposed to have the answer for everything. That is what we should do is be willing to help each other.

We thought about it and decided our best bet would be to maybe find a carrier that is already in that area of the county maybe looking for some extra money.

This would save gas, time and money because our thoughts are we could have someone drop papers nearby for that local to pick up and deliver.

We have discussed this idea and asked for help from a few locals from Lake Lure/Chimney Rock area and we are currently working with them to help find the right person to remedy this situation.

Thank you so much for your patience, I know this has been as some would call “a thorn in your side.” Please know we are working every day to resolve these issues.

We appreciate your business.


Lori Spurling is the Publisher/Ad Director for The Daily Courier. She can be reached at