Courier looking to improve presentation

Nov. 02, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

As you know, the media industry is in constant motion. In fact, besides death and taxes the only thing certain is continuous change.

Beginning next week, The Daily Courier enters a new era in the publication’s service to Rutherford County.

In an effort to manage costs without passing on substantial increases to advertisers and home delivery subscribers we will suspend our Saturday print editions beginning Nov. 9, 2013.

We will be increasing the size of our Sunday edition. This move will improve our overall presentation and content. The change will include additional sports, news and opinion coverage.

The market has told us Saturday was not a good day for publishing. Readership and sales are traditionally not good on Saturdays for any newspaper, not just The Daily Courier.

The newspaper’s subscribers will be able to access our website to read any breaking local news on Saturdays. Obituaries that would normally be printed on Saturday will be placed online and available to run in print on Sunday.

The website has become optimized for mobile devices to provide a more satisfying reading experience for users of smartphones and tablets.

Our coverage of county government, schools and the towns within Rutherford County will continue. The new print edition publication cycle, along with an increase in our digital coverage, represents a plan to better serve the changing reading habits of our subscribers and the way local businesses advertise. It does not mean a reduction in local news and sports coverage.

With the change in the print publication cycle some of the newspaper’s standing features will move to a new day. The church page and church news will be moved to Friday’s.

The publisher’s column and other local columnist will move to Sunday’s edition. Public notices, building permits, community calendar, court reports and marriage license will move to Friday and Sunday.

To our loyal readers and advertiser, please keep in mind as a subscriber that we are delivering to your door this product to you for 64 cents per day.

That is pretty good considering most anything else you purchase you have to pick up yourself or pay a lot more for.

The staff of The Daily Courier hopes that you will enjoy the newspapers continued focus on local news and sports.

If you have suggestions as to additional local news coverage you would like to see or have news tips, please contact our editor, Matt Clark at 828-202-2927.

Thank you for your patronage and for reading The Daily Courier, Rutherford County’s newspaper. We appreciate your business and continued support.

Thank you for your patronage and for reading The Daily Courier, Rutherford County’s newspaper.


Lori Spurling is the publisher/ad director of The Daily Courier. She can be reached at