Thank you, everyone

Jan. 24, 2013 @ 06:03 AM

If you recall, my last column was extremely personal and incredibly candid. It was also probably my most widely-read and respected pieces. but i didn't write that column to garner praise, but to honor my sister.

Of course the praise was appreciated, but the kind words, thoughts and prayers that were lifted up for myself, my family and most importantly my sister, meant everything to me.

I hate that you never know how many people care about you until tragedy strikes, but it warms my heart that so many family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers had the Durkee family in their prayers since Ashley's accident last Monday.

Whether it be those that brought food and flowers to my home, sent me sympathy e-mails, purchased arrangements for the services or those that lined the hallway of funeral home for the visitation, I thank each and every one of you.

By no means have the past nine days been easy for my family, but the support from the community has worked wonders for all of us.

During the first handful of days after the accident I wanted nothing more than for the phone calls and text messages to stop. I wanted to be left alone. I was angry. I only told the closest of people about what happened. I didn't want sympathy. I didn't want to publicize that incredible turmoil that my family was going through.

I knew the messages and thoughts were kind in heart but I couldn't help the fact that no matter what was said, what was done couldn't be undone. I felt that all the prayers and offerings were meaningless.

But now as I'm further along in my own personal grieving process I understand how impactful the support of everyone truly was. I'm am beyond grateful for all of you.

So to my close friends who called to check on me while still allowing me the space you knew I needed, thank you.

To my co-workers who embraced me at the visitation and covered for me during my absence, thank you.

To those who I have never met, those that only know me as name and small face from the newspaper, who sent kind and encouraging words, thank you.

Thank you, everyone.

I hope I never need this kind of love and support ever again, but it's still nice to know that it's there just in case.