The Game of Life

Nov. 06, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Well it happened again... yet another year has passed and I, as before, find myself not feeling that much older although my calendar says I am.

Today, November 6, marks stage one of level thirty-two of the grand adventure I’m destined to play till its end.

But with one life, and no save points or continues the journey is still a welcome challenge full of unexpected events, colorful characters and endless side-missions to complete.

I can say there have been some fun levels in the past that I was sad to finally complete. But for each one there were a fare share of those headache inducing ones which I was just lucky to survive.

With no cheat codes or strategy guides to assist, it has been through the occasional acquisition of new skills and knowledge along the way that I have relied on continuously.

Not to mention the addition of upgrading those skills through constant practice and exploration of each particular craft.

Levels 1 through 12 were filled with much exciting exploration and the main task of discovering who I was as a character. Throughout those early and mid levels I was able to begin choosing traits and interests that I would build from for the remainder of the quest.

Although much was learned, many gaps in my inventory list still remained. These were important items that I was either not experienced enough yet to obtain or still needed to discover hidden along the way.

Levels 13 through 19 offered huge upgrades to both physical attributes and emotional stats as well as fully allowed me to choose and lock in very important character defining aspects such as, a chosen profession, and future career path. These two choices, that could not be undone, were necessary additions to the unfolding story-line and ones that began to lead the overall plot in its ultimate direction.

With the onset of levels 20 through 24 the instillation of a massive upgrade pack, “The Millennium 2000 add-on” offered a more complex and expandable system for my chosen skill set. This more advance version of the adventure offered new and exciting possibilities almost daily for me to interact with.

With the completion of level 24 I was given an unexpected bonus for the start of 25. This was the opportunity to choose a new expansion skill set that I could add to my character. The new path choice however would put my character at a lower experience level from the previous and require additional learning and development of new separate skills.

I accepted the one-time only offer and have continued to upgrade and level-up various skill sets and attributes along the way.

Now here at the start of level 32 I’m as clueless as ever as to where the road will lead next of how many levels are left, however I know that the paths I’ve taken and choices made beforehand have put me where I am today and I regret none. I’ve often met others along the way who have provided assistance and inspiration but they eventually continue on their own path, reinforcing for me even more that it’s still a one player game with no pause button.

Hopefully all this training and skill building I’ve done so far is going to amount to something exciting as I venture through the remaining 30’s, all I can do is keep moving right, jump over any holes along the way and remember to play this story for all it’s worth.