The four-legged issue

Jul. 09, 2013 @ 05:03 AM

I have a problem.

Now, before you go off on a "we all have problems" rant, this is something a little new to me.

I have a problem of the four-legged variety.

We have two dogs at home. They are not huge dogs and, in fact, they can both be rather cute when they want to be.

Then again, they can become the largest agitators when they want.

On one hand, there is Raven. Raven is a black-haired Feist that stands no taller than my ankle. Initially, Raven was our wild child.

She ran amok as a young puppy and attempted to find her teeth on various shoes and furniture when the mood suited her.

Then, there is Charlotte.

Charlotte is our fair-haired terrier that was our first dog since moving to North Carolina.

As a puppy, Charlotte was cuddly and took every opportunity to snuggle with me on the couch, the chair, the bed … just about anywhere. And, I have pictures to prove it.

Both dogs were rescued and adjusted nicely to the regular calm life of city living.

However, over the last month or so, I have developed a problem.

When I mention it, most assume I am talking about Raven due to her precocious nature growing up.


It appears Charlotte has developed into a rambunctious teenager that is willing to break the rules at every turn.

We have a fenced-in back yard section where the dogs are allowed to roam freely and do what dogs do.

However, Charlotte has decided her time in her space is best served finding ways to get out.

That's right, my cute, cuddly baby has developed a habit of looking for any opportunity to dig under the fence and run into the neighbor's yard where a pair of bloodhounds await.

Over the weekend, our neighbor called us — while we were out of town no less — to inform us that Charlotte had found a way out of the back yard … yet again … was roaming free.

So now we are getting rocks and other items to plug up any potential holes in the fence where our digger could try to get out.

It's just hard to believe the transition from cute to small terror Charlotte has become and from small terror to cute Raven has transformed to.

Such is life.


Matthew Clark is the Editor of The Daily Courier. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @UMass_MClark or @TDCMatt