Sep. 25, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

I love Halloween and as a kid one of my favorite parts of the season was the creation of my own personal display of fright. Comprised of a blend of store bought items and homemade decorations this Halloween hodgepodge would begin its planning near the end of September.

Everything from candles to jack-o-lanterns to spiderwebs and skeletons each year I would acquire more things to dress up the living room or carport for the occasion.

I still to this day have several boxes full of Halloween treasures that bring back just as many memories as they do fun chills.

Now living out in the country we never got many trick-or-treaters, aside from a few distant neighbors or friends of the family, I would be lucky to have ten for the night, but that didn’t damping my spirits as I enjoyed having all the Halloween stuff around.

My mom had the market on Santa Claus around Christmas time and I guess growing up I adopted Halloween as my holiday.

Each year it seemed I would begin preparing earlier than the last. I recall sitting in my room rolling up little balls of tinfoil that were then covered with tissue then strung together to form ghost garland and that was all before October first.

But for me one of the best part of the whole display was in the creation of what was referred to around the house as a “goblin.”

Most often comprised of Dad’s old work cloths, the goblin was crafted by stuffing articles of clothing inside a pair of old pants and shirt to create a, larger than kid-size, scary dummy.

The addition of work boots, gloves and even a mask or stuffed animal for a head give the goblin it’s final life like touches; ending up with what would look like a person sitting in a chair or leaning against the wall.

I absolutely loved these things as they just looked so creepy to me. At times I had cousins who would dress up like a goblin and sit very still on their front porch only to spring to life at the last second before you reached for the “unguarded” bowl of candy. What a blast!

I viewed the goblin as a sort of centerpiece to my creepy corner creations, and best yet, as the holiday would come to an end I would enjoy wrestling around and playing with the goblin till I had torn it completely apart only to be “Frankensteined” back to life again next year.

So if your looking for a new hands-on addition to your Halloween display this year, why not get the kids together and make some goblins. They’re guaranteed spooky fun for the whole family.