Homemade fun

Apr. 24, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

It was simple a idea that sprang up after an afternoon of taking photos. I needed a wrist strap for my camera to take the place of the current neck strap.

A quick internet search offered several really nice options that were in the fashion I was going for and although not to pricy, I still saw my need as an opportunity to get a little creative in a D.I.Y. manner.

So as I have done in the past I turned to the one source with whom I knew I could help me accomplish my goal, my dad. No matter what how crazy or complicated an idea may be, Dad is always is there to assist me through to the surprising and very rewarding final product.

This project was no different. I set forth scavenging through Dad’s box of leather hoping to find the right piece that would make the strap. After that was found the other items were quickly gathered. A buckle from here and key ring from there, all was set as we began the creative process of seeing how things would fit together.

It was about this time that I came across one more item that would change our course and design totally. Hanging on a hook in the garage was an old tan strap that was slightly elastic and the perfect size for what I needed. Turns out the new find was an old belt that belonged to my mom. She got it back when she was a teenager and I guess it had found it’s way through out the years eventually making it to the garage where it hung till this past Saturday.

After getting her approval to use the belt, Dad and I quickly began to transform it into an eye-catching camera strap that possessed as much character and style as personal connection. The result, I could not be happier with.

It is a wonderful addition to my camera and definitely one-of-a-kind. But it was the process of creating it and the time shared with my dad that I treasure most. Moments like these are some of my fondest memories and upon looking back now, I wish I had a record like this column for each and every thing the two of us have made together.

Although I know I’ll never be as handy as my dad, I’m happy just staying that wide-eyed kid at heart who knows, “If I can think it up, Dad can make it.”