Kidding Around: Popping some tags

May. 17, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.

Rapper Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis have made these lyrics famous with their song "Thrift Shop." Teenagers have been going crazy running to the local Goodwill to pick up clothes so they can sing along. I have to admit, it is quite a catchy song.

When I think of thrift shops, I think about all of the times that I cleaned out my closet to donate. My momma would always look at me and say "Erin, your closet is too full and you don't wear half of this stuff anymore. It's time to get rid of some of it." So I would grudgingly go through it and make piles to give to the local store.

I have done my fair share of sorting those donated clothes. When I was in high school, my youth group went on a trip to Washington, D.C. While we were visiting we toured around, went to some Christian concerts and worked at a homeless shelter.

Seeing homeless people was a new experience for me, since I am from a very rural area. People sleeping on the sidewalk and asking me for money was frightening for a high school student from Randolph County.

When we got to the shelter, they took us to this gigantic room full of donated clothes. Our job was to sort them. I can remember walking through rows of clothes and even watching two of my friends get into the same pair of jeans. They were huge jeans.

Yes, it was all fun and games until we saw a cockroach the size of a rat. That was when the fun ended and we got to go help paint a room instead.

I have also sorted clothes with my grandparents at the Christian United Outreach Center (CUOC) in Asheboro. The store is almost like a Goodwill and sells clothes at very low prices. They also help provide those in need with food.

My grandparents' primary job is sorting clothes and I have helped them on occasion. Sorting clothes at one of those places is almost like a treasure hunt. They often come in big trash bags that you get to dig through.

When you sort them, you have to decide which clothes to keep for the store and which ones to throw away. Some of my favorite clothes to sort were the baby ones. They are just so little and adorable.

I also like to look for clothes for myself. There is always the very small chance that I will fall in love with something I find. I'm not against shoveling out $3 for a super cute shirt.

My momma tries to volunteer there with her parents as much as she can. She loves it and her favorite things to find during those treasure hunts are shoes. According to her, the worst part about everything being in separate bags is when you find the perfect shoe in one but can't find the other one. She says it is torture because she just wants to find that other beautiful shoe.

When I was in college, thrift stores became my source of clothes for themed parties. If the lacrosse team was having a 1980s themed or tacky sweater party, I would hit up those stores in search of the perfect tacky, yet cute outfit.

For last year's office Christmas party, I found a black, tacky sweater with the perfect amount of glitter and a smiling snowman. Glitter is the key to any good, tacky outfit and the thrift shops always have plenty of it. Sometimes you just need to throw on something gaudy and covered in glitter. I think everyone should try it once.

Most of my thrift shop trips either provide me with oodles of treasures or leave me disappointed. But one thing is for sure, those trips are always adventurous.