Thomas: Celebrity New Year's Resolutions

Jan. 09, 2013 @ 06:15 AM

Many of us make personal pledges to improve our lives at the beginning of a new year. It would probably come as no surprise if well-known celebrities or organizations made the following New Year’s resolutions:

Paris Hilton: I’m going to do much more for others in 2013. I plan to help feed the hungry by planting a lot more crops in FarmVille.

Justin Bieber:  I intend to keep a lower public profile in the New Year. But not before my new sitcom “Leave it to Bieber” airs; my new line of wrist watches, Justin Time, is released; my new autobiography “To Bieber or Not to Bieber” is published; and the boy scouts change their motto to Bieberpared.

Kim Kardashian: I will try to keep trivial stories about my life out of the media spotlight, unless it’s something of national importance, like losing my cellphone.

Lindsay Lohan: I pledge to be a better driver. Whenever I hit pedestrians, I promise to stop three out of four times and, if they are conscious, have my assistant given them a copy of my autograph.

Britney Spears: Whenever I write something funny in an email or blog, I will not write LOL.  LOL

Psy: To reflect how tired people are of seeing my Gangnam Style video, I’ll be changing my name to Sigh.

Marilyn Manson: I know I scare people; I even have to sneak up on the bathroom mirror. I promise to use less Snooki-like makeup in the New Year.

Bill Gates: I pledge to try and stop secretly hoping all Apples are attacked by worms.

Mark Zuckerberg: I will launch a new web site called Fannybook to complement my Facebook site. It will examine the other side of social networking.

Joan Rivers: The local Internet server crashes every morning when I use my computer to talk with friends. In the New Year, I will abide by my Internet service provider’s request not to Skype while wearing my nightdress.

Judge Judy: I will try to be less judgmental.

Hugh Hefner: I will stop exploiting women. Oh wait, my mistake, I thought it was April 1.

PETA: We will be boycotting all physics textbook authors who persist in using the cruel Schrödinger’s cat paradox. Even theoretical cats should not be subjected to forced confinement in hypothetical boxes.

NRA: To increase spectator safety at sporting events, we will be suggesting federal legislation that forces every baseball, football and basketball fan to carry a concealed weapon.

Roger Federer: I plan to create a line of new designer tennis shoelaces.

Michael Phelps: I will put my gold medals on eBay, to pay off the national debt.

Barack Obama: I believe this nation should commit itself, to achieving the goal, before the year is out, of landing a man on Mars. And that man is Donald Trump. Then we can discuss the merits of returning him safely to Earth.

Piers Morgan: I intend to sign the petition going round to deport a whiny, annoying Brit who works in the U.S. entertainment industry. No, wait……

Chris Matthews: I intend to be a more moderate news commentator in the New Year. But I’ll still lean so far to the left that I will only be able to walk in counterclockwise circles.

Sean Hannity: In the New Year, I plan to dye my hair blonde and take my medications regularly, so I can truly be fair and balanced.

God: From now on, after seeing how humans have “evolved,” I’ll stick to creating uninhabited gas giants.


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