Geez, it’s just a haircut

Mar. 04, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

Hair has never really been an important thing for me.

Granted, I do keep mine quaffed and presentable but I’ve never been too over-the-top as far as style. In fact, my hair has been styled two different ways in my entire life.

Our boys, on the other hand, can only be described as divas when it comes to hair.

More so the twins as opposed to our oldest.

Lately, their hair style has been more akin to those cartoon dogs with their hair over their eyes to where you can’t see them and they probably can’t see you.

Apparently, as I’ve been told, that is the latest style for boys but I just don’t get it.

For some time now, their mother and I have pleaded and come close to threatening them with haircuts.

You would think it was a Congressional debate when that topic of conversation is brought up. Under no circumstances is their hair to be touched.

But, their mother threw in a surprise on Sunday when we traveled to Charlotte to take care of some other things.

Much to the twins’ chagrin, we detoured to a hair salon with only one mission in mind … haircuts.

One of the twins didn’t really fight it. He went first and didn’t scowl or argue with his mother or the hair stylist about what to do.

The other, however, was a different story.

While one was getting his hair cut, the other proceeded to attempt what I would call horse-trading with his mother.

“She can take a little off the back, sides and top, but nothing else,” he started.

“They will take off what they will,” mom retorted.

“Why do I have to get my hair cut?” the twin asked. “It’s my hair.”

That went on for a few minutes before this:

“When you get your hair cut, I want to tell them how you are going to get it,” he said.

That’s when I stepped in.

I didn’t say anything but gave a look of displeasure which was responded with a slump back in the seat and some mumbling.

In the end, both boys got their hair cut and no longer look like those cartoon dogs I mentioned before. Is their hair as short as I would like it? No, but I’m willing to have some middle ground.

I just don’t understand the need to argue when it comes to, of all things, hair.

I get the need to make a personal statement with appearance but it all grows back.

To expend a ton of energy battling over the inevitable seems a little pointless to me but, the only concern I have with hair is when the grey is going to take over.

I just don’t see the value of having hair draped over your eyes and, not to mention the time it takes just to fix it. When we are getting ready to leave, I sometimes feel like I am waiting on a prom date to get ready for the big dance.

I guess it just goes back to a change in the times. Short hair was in when I was a kid and I choose to keep mine the same way.

Kids are different when it comes to that these days and I still find myself trying to adjust and be understanding.

That, however is becoming a daily struggle.


Matthew Clark is the editor of The Daily Courier. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @TDCMatt