Town Clerk Sandra Mayse bids farewell for retirement

With a wintry carriage ride home
Jan. 26, 2013 @ 06:23 AM

With a threat of a wintry mix and temperatures hovering around 26 degrees, retiring town clerk Sandra Mayse waved goodbye to a group of warm-hearted Forest City employees, family and friends standing outside the town clubhouse.

Mayse, who retires after 36 1/2 years as the town's clerk, sat in a seat of honor in a horse drawn carriage as she was driven home to her family's Soggy Bottom Farm. Her husband, Ron; their two sons, daughters-in-law and two granddaughters, Kinsley and Kailee Mayse, 11, were given a police and fire truck escort to her home off Hudlow Road in Forest City.

Mayse was honored with a luncheon, gifts, a video, carriage ride home and a proclamation of Sandra Mayse Day on Friday.

Town Manager John Condrey, who worked with Mayse about 10 months, said "during her years of dedicated service (she) has consistently been characterized by and endless cheerful disposition blended with constant professional behavior and a consistent job well done." His words came from an official proclamation the town adopted last Monday night.

Mayse said she could not have imagined going through life and not have had the experience she has had working for the town.

"We're a family. Forest City is unique. If one hurts, you are all there," Mayse said. "It's been a great blessing," she said. She thanked the town for its support when her husband sustained an injury a few months ago. 

"You called, you came, you cared, You prayed."

Mayse said when she walked into Town Hall in September 1976 to begin her job, "I would have never believed it would have led to such a wonderful journey ... I met so many people and I'll carry you in my heart forever." 

Jimmy Clay, Inspection Department Director told Mayse, "I appreciated your guidance and spiritual guidance ... She is a good all around person. A salt of the earth person."

Former Mayor Charles Butler told Mayse she was a "dedicated worker" and he appreciated her work with the town.

"The job you've done for the town has been outstanding," Fire Chief Mark McCurry said.

Wanda Davis her office "was one of integrity, beyond question."

Town Council members David Eaker, Chris Lee, Steve, Holland, Dee Dee Bright and Shawn Moore also attended and Bright presented Mayse the framed official proclamation.

Town staff presented Mayse gifts, including a tablet and flower bulbs.