Spindale board meets Monday

Nov. 18, 2012 @ 08:35 AM

SPINDALE — The Spindale Board of Commissioners will hear a request from Frank Canale, owner of the property at Textile Avenue and Main Street during their regular meeting on Monday.

Canale has requested a response from the town as to the status of the parking lot. The lot has been used by the public for several years. Canale is requesting the town either execute a lease for public usage or he may need to close the lot for liability purposes.

Options for the town in this manner include negotiating a lease with Canale to allow the public to continue to park in the lot, or decline the lease so he can manage the lot as a private entity or barricade the lot from use from the public.

They will also hear a report on and discuss billing and collection of sewer availability fees.

The report on the fees will be given by Finance Officer Cathy Swafford.

The board will discuss the need to add a paragraph into their Sewer Use Ordinance that would allow Swafford the authority to forgive interest and late fees up to $50 on sewer availability fees in extenuating circumstances. This would not include any actual principal amount owed, nor consumption fees.

The board will also hear a request from Mosier Industrial Corporation for a Zoning Ordinance Amendment pertaining to demolition requirements.

The meeting will be Monday night at the Spindale House at 6:30 p.m.