McCrary jailed under $582,000 bond

Jan. 22, 2013 @ 06:18 AM

Two South Carolina women are in the Rutherford County Detention Facility facing several charges of identity theft, attempting to cash counterfeit checks and obtaining property by false pretense, after an incident at 1:40 p.m. Sunday.

Capt. Chris Lovelace of the Forest City Police Department said Stacey Elaine McCrary, 32, of Harvest Ridge Drive in Inman was arrested on after trying to cash checks at the Check Center in Walmart.

McCrary faces nearly 40 charges from Sunday's incident and is being held under a $582,000 bond.

Connie Susan Hamilton, 35, Songbird Drive in Roundo, who was allegedly with McCrary, is being held in the county jail under a $110,000 bond.

Hamilton is charged with possession manufacture/fraudulent identity, two counts of attempted obtaining property by false pretense, identity theft and uttering forged instrument.

McCrary's charges include three counts of identity theft; 13 counts of possession counterfeit instrument,currency bond; possession methamphetamine, possession controlled substance, possession drug paraphernalia.

She is also charged with five counts uttering forged instruments, obtaining property by false pretense, two counts attempted obtaining property by false pretense.

"They were at the check cashing center trying to cash checks," Lovelace said. He said employees at the center recognized McCrary from a previous incident.

Lovelace said police have been investigating an incident that occurred on Monday, Jan. 14.