King legacy remembered in prayer breakfast

Jan. 20, 2013 @ 09:32 AM

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a servant to all people, Elder Tyreke Lamar Johnson, told a group of people attending a prayer breakfast at New Bethel AME Zion Church on Saturday morning.

"If it wasn't for his service, any minority wouldn't be able to stand and function at the capacity as we are today," Johnson said.

"He was a servant to all communities of people," Johnson said. "Not just African Americans but to Caucasians to Latinos, and all."

Johnson said to honor a "great man's legacy" it is the duty of Christians to display the character of Christ.

He said Christ died for the world and was a servant to all, "Martin Luther King, displayed some of those same characteristics."

Johnson told the group God placed King "strategically on earth for one thing ... to fulfill his destiny. I thank God we had such a great leader."

Johnson said a martyr is a person who bears witness for Christ.

"It's the way you live and how you die that is a witness to people ... show people how to get to Christ by the way you live and die."

Johnson described King was a "type of martyr" who was killed for the purposes and causes of Christ. 

He talked about the Biblical character Stephen who was stoned to death because of his witness for Jesus. He said "Stephen just went to sleep."

Johnson said some people didn't want to hear King's freedom speeches.

"Then Dr. Martin Luther King fell asleep ... He had a dream. You have to be so fixed on your purposes, even when people are gnashing at you."

He concluded the prayer breakfast with thoughts on the Lord's prayer.

Johnson, of Charlotte and the son of Albert and Barbara Johnson of Forest City. Johnson was a basketball stand-out at R-S Central High School.