SBI investigation into possible illegal use of steroid use completed

No evidence to justify prosecution of officers
Mar. 27, 2014 @ 04:38 AM

The district attorney confirmed Wednesday there was an investigation conducted by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) regarding possible illegal steroid use by law enforcement officers in Rutherford County.

Brad Greenway, district attorney for Prosecutorial District 29A, also confirmed that nearly six months after he received a report from Sheriff Chris Francis, the investigation has been concluded.

 "Based upon the SBI’s investigation, my conversations with the Special Agents involved and a review of the final report, I have determined that there is no evidence which would justify prosecution of any law enforcement officer in connection with the investigation and the matter has been closed," Greenway said late Tuesday.

Francis said he went to Greenway in September 2013 regarding rumors and allegations he had received about illegal steroid use.

"I appreciate the independent investigation the SBI has done," Francis said. "Obviously when I heard the allegations that were made last summer, I went to Brad and after a short meeting, decided to go on with an independent agency and I stepped aside," Francis said. 

"The findings did not surprise me. We didn't go to the district attorney based on evidence, but on allegations," Francis said.

Greenway said the matter was thoroughly investigated by an independent agency, "which reached the same conclusion I reached.  Any allegations of a 'cover-up' are simply inaccurate and based on speculation rather than the facts."

Francis said he respects the findings from the SBI.