RCS receives plaque for district accreditation

RCS was presented with a plaque from AdvancED in honor of their accreditation during the regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday.
Jan. 19, 2013 @ 07:01 AM

Rutherford County Schools was presented with a plaque in honor of their re-accreditation during their Board of Education meeting on Tuesday.

Dr. Donna James, state director of AdvancED, congratulated the board on the honor and presented the plaque to Superintendent Janet Mason and Board Chairman Dr. John Mark Bennett.

"It is absolutely my pleasure to be here to recognize Rutherford County Schools in their re-accreditation," James said. "You are one of 61 schools who have embraced our model of accreditation and you were one of the first to do so. You were the ninth school system in North Carolina to go down this path."

Rutherford County Schools hosted the AdvanceED Quality Assurance Review Team visit last March. The team visited the district and a cross section of its schools to evaluate the district's adherence to the AdvanceED accreditation standards and to make a recommendation for national accreditation.

The district received the final report from AdvancED along with the recommendation for continued District Accreditation in June.

The report commended the school system for several items including:

- Stakeholders have a deep respect and support for the Board of Education and superintendent.

- District provides in depth data, analysis and support throughout school improvement.

- RCS embraces technology as a tool to support student engagement and the learning process.

- Recruitment, induction and training procedures support ongoing professional development for all.

The report also listed two required actions that the board must pursue and address within the next two years. The first action is to develop procedures to systematically analyze current reading curricular programs and instructional processes for their effectiveness. The second action is to develop targeted and time-specific district planning goals.

"We feel like it is a very good process. It is an in-depth process where we review ourselves and take a deep look at our practices, student achievement and the data.

We feel like it is a very important part of school improvement and continuing to grow and move forward," said Barbara Parker, assistant superintendent. "The team is a national team. We feel it is important to have people review our practices from across the country, because they have a broad frame of reference."

The school system will remain accredited for five years.