Helping their fellow students

The leadership class at Chase High School raised $2,000 to purchase a wheelchair and donate it to the school.
Jan. 17, 2013 @ 05:15 AM

For a disabled or wheelchair-bound student, a regular school day can be full of obstacles. Just getting from the classroom to the cafeteria can be difficult.

Students in the McNair leadership class at Chase High School wanted to help, so they raised $2,000 to purchase a wheelchair and donated it to the school.

"This was a group effort. We have noticed that we have disabled kids in our school that are using broken wheelchairs. We wanted to make it easier for them to get to class," said student Morgan Conner. "We each raised $150 by getting donations from family, businesses and teachers."

The wheelchair, a Pride Mobility Scooter purchased at Smith's Drugs in Forest City, was donated to Chase High School on Tuesday to be used by any disabled student that attends the school in the future.

"This chair is for the school, so it will stay here after the student that uses it graduates," Conner said.

Doug Hollars, McNair academic program specialist at Chase and the teacher of the leadership class, says he wanted the students to learn to give back.

"The best way for me to teach a lesson to you is to let you go out in the school and help a fellow student," Hollars told the class. "What you are doing can help a disabled student have as close to a normal day as possible. In the spirit of Robert and Janice McNair, what could be a better way to give?"

The students are proud of themselves for reaching their goal.

"It felt good to be able to set a goal and reach it," said student Steven Holland.

"It is good to help guide others and give back to the community," said student Dillon Parris.

Principal Greg Lovelace is also proud of the class.

The wheelchair will be used a lot and it is greatly appreciated," Lovelace told the students.

The chair will be embroidered with the words "Building Leaders, Fall 2012" and the interlocking chain symbol which represents the class. Funds that were leftover after purchasing the wheelchair will be used for the senior class picnic.