Embezzlement issues on Town Council agenda

Some financial statements inconsistent
Jul. 14, 2013 @ 04:45 AM

Town Council will discuss required financial statements from town funded athletic programs when it meets Monday at 6 p.m. for the council's regular business meeting.

The arrest Thursday of Marion Lee Mayes, president of the Forest City Little League, has led the board to move forward with possibly adopting new nonprofit guideline recommendations. 

Required financial statements for the town funded program has been discussed in the recent past regarding another athletic group's funding from the town.

The latest news of the arrest for embezzlement and obtaining property by false pretense has moved the discussion to the public meeting Monday.

During budget deliberations in May and June, Council agreed to require the Forest City Youth Football Program to present an audit of its budget to the town before the town releases any funds appropriated in the 2013-14 budget due to an embezzlement issue last year.  

The Town has budgeted funds for the American Legion, $4,000; Forest City Swim Team, $10,000; Forest City Heat, $17,000; and the Forest City Little League, $16,000. The Youth Football Program is budgeted $13,000, but no money will be released until the audit is presented to town officials.

In a letter to the board, City Manager John Condrey said he council may wish to require audits of all entities with the next fiscal year end; or establish a threshold that would require an audit versus a review.

Condrey also said there has not been consistency in the type of financial statement that have been submitted to the Town from the various programs in the past.

He said funds were released to these entities in the prior year based on the type of statement that the program had submitted.

"Based on the information presented the inconsistency in these reports in the past, it is suggested Council adopt a formal policy," Condrey said.

Also Monday night, Council will hear from Keith Price, representing American Legion Post 423 regarding naming major highways in Rutherford County in memory of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Jerry Crump and Bryant Womack.

The American Legion is asking the town to adopt a proclamation to name U.S. 74 to the Jerry Crump Memorial Highway and U.S. 221, the Bryant Womack Memorial Highway. 

Council will also receive a request from Horsehead Utilities for a time extension from Davis Grading and will receive a monthly reported on the status of Valley Fine Foods.

The meeting will be held at Cool Springs Administrative Offices, West Main Street.