Partnership for Children approves budget

Reflects 2.4 percent decrease in state money
Sep. 11, 2013 @ 03:25 AM

After receiving the final budget figures from the State, the Partnership for Children of the Foothills, approved its 2013-14  fiscal year budget that reflects a 2.4 percent reduction from state funding.

Some of the loss in revenue will be made up in the WAGE$ program and the subsidy programs, Barry Gold, director of the partnership, told the board of directors during its special budget meeting Tuesday.

"We do not want to cut any budgets," Gold told the group, but by reducing some of the subsidy money and the WAGE$ supplements, the other programs will not face cuts.

The Child Care WAGE$ project at Child Care Services — a partnership program in Rutherford and Polk counties — provides eligible child care professionals with education based professional development supplements.

"We need more, more, more money and we just don't have it," Gold said. 

Gold said subsidies have to be reduced, " just to minimize damage to the budget."

Cathy Brooks, program director, said taking funds from the WAGE$ budget was not an easy decision. 

But otherwise, the cuts would come from programs. "We just can't cut the programs,"Brooks said.

She explained that only half of the WAGE$ supplements are being cut. 

The supplements are received twice a year and Brooks said the first six months' supplement will not be affected.

The supplements are issued to teachers, directors and family child providers based on education attained.

The subsidy program provides assistance for child care to families eligible through the Department of Social Services.

There is always a waiting list of children on the DSS subsidy list.

In Rutherford County there are 212 children birth to 5 years of age on the waiting list.