The Littlest Angel performed at the Foundation

Dec. 04, 2012 @ 04:34 PM

Over 800 people came out for "The Littlest Angel" at The Foundation Performing Arts Center at Isothermal Community College on Tuesday.

The one hour long musical told the story of the young angel and her struggles to adjust to her new existence in Heaven. She is discouraged because she can not learn to fly, correctly play the bells in the choir, or sit still for divine meditation.

When the Understanding Angel brings her a wooden box full of childhood treasures from her life on earth, she finally begins to feel a bit more at home.  As the Littlest Angel gets used to life in Heaven, she changes her irresponsible ways, but it isn’t until he gives a heartfelt gift to the newborn child that she becomes truly angelic.

“The show, produced by the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte has become a traditional offering in our Theatre for Young Audiences series, but is only available every other year,” says Foundation Director Russell Wicker.  “It is a sweet and touching story, full of laughs, so the kids really love it.”

Cast members included Darlene Parker, Leslie Giles, Robin Tynes, Stephen Seay and Scott Miller.

"We loved performing here at the Foundation. We like this space a lot. Everyone is really nice and have helped us out a lot," Giles said.

Performances at the Foundation were held at 10 a.m. and noon.

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