Rutherford County rolls out its two new ambulances

They are not orange and white
Feb. 19, 2013 @ 07:20 AM

 Peering inside the new Rutherford County EMS ambulance Monday afternoon, County Manager Carl Classen seemed pleased. He, along with County Commissioner Julius Owens and Rutherford County EMS Director Richard Pettus, were among those viewing the ambulances when they were unveiled to the public.

The new ambulances might not be easily recognized as being county owned, since they are not orange and white. They are blue and white to coincide with new EMS patches designed about three years ago. 

On the outside of the ambulance and above "Rutherford County" is an insignia that will begin appearing on all the county's vehicles.

The design is already being used by the Tourism Development Authority as a reflection of the mountains and foothills of Rutherford County.

"It's sort of a branding," said Pettus. He explained as the insignia becomes more prevalent on vehicles, people will begin recognizing the vehicle or resource from Rutherford County.

The ambulances will not be on the road for a while as they are becoming equipped and fully stocked for emergency use.

Materials and equipment will be transferred from the county's other ambulances as the new ambulances replace older ones on the road, Pettus explained.

The ambulances are a part of the county's vehicle replacement policy. "Fully equipped they are are valued at about $200,000 each," Pettus said. "Empty they are about $137,000." 

Pettus said the ambulances were manufactured in West Jefferson which keeps the purchase in North Carolina and that's a positive for the state.

County employees, other EMS employees and the public had an opportunity to view the new ambulances during the roll out reception.