Rails to Trails spring cleaning

Volunteers and kids from The Ultimate Basement clean up trails
Apr. 10, 2013 @ 07:06 AM

Eighteen volunteers from The Ultimate Basement in Spindale helped clean up part of the Rails to Trails pathways on Saturday afternoon.

Two days earlier, David Weisgerger, owner of The Ultimate Basement, asked kids if they wanted to pick up trash Saturday morning and he said they all jumped at the opportunity.

Spindale City Council member Tom Roberson said the kids came out en masse at 9 a.m. without any coercion or arm twisting.

The idea for Saturday's Rails to Trails clean up came after Roberson mentioned to Weisgerber how a piece of glass cut his bicycle tires when he was riding on the Rails to Trails path in Spindale.

"I told him [Roberson] if he wanted to pick a day, we're really good about helping with cleanup events and things like that," Weisgerber said. "Usually if I put a call out we get a good turnout with kids and volunteers, which we did on Saturday."

The 14 kids and four adults that participated in the cleanup collected nearly 20 large, 30-gallon garbage bags full of trash, bottles and junk from along the trails between downtown Spindale and the area near Waffle House and Food Lion in Rutherfordton.

"This was the first time picking up trash in that area, and we try to get the items off the trail and out of the ditches," Weisgerber said. "We try to help the community any way we can. We've got some really good kids with The Ultimate Basement who show up almost every time we do anything like this."

The Ultimate Basement is a game lounge and music venue on West Main Street in Spindale. The establishment is open to all ages and has a selection of gaming systems, pool tables and live bands Monday through Saturday.

"I think we're all still kind of torn up from vines and branches, but we have a good time when we do these kinds of things for the community," Weisgerber said.