Proud to be an alumni?

ICC holds alumni association interest meeting at Rollins Cafeteria.
Jul. 11, 2013 @ 05:05 AM

"I'm certainly proud of being an alumni. I probably would not have gone to college if it weren't for Isothermal," said Johnny Bradley. "It's an institution we can be proud of and I hope the alumni gets going strong."

Bradley, former teacher at Chase High School and member of the first graduating class of Isothermal Community College (ICC) in 1968, gathered with other college alumni at Rollins Cafeteria on Tuesday when ICC took the first step toward revitalizing its alumni association with an interest meeting.

According to Mike Gavin, director of marketing and community relations for ICC, the college has had an alumni association for many years but with its upcoming 50th anniversary, the school is trying to make it bigger and better.

Walter Dalton, president of the college, spoke to those who attended the meeting about his wish to build up the association and how they could help.

"We want to get more people involved. I challenge you to think of two to five people who aren't here tonight and get their address and email so we can contact them. They don't have to be graduates, they just have to be people who care about the community. If you care about this community, you care about ICC," Dalton said. "We just want to get the community fully behind what we are doing at the college and invite them to campus anytime."

Thad Harrill, vice president of community workforce education and institutional advancement also talked about some upcoming events that the college is holding to celebrate its anniversary on Oct. 1, 2014. The school is planning to kick-off the year-long celebration this October with a concert by The Hit Men, former stars of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

"I'm interested in doing anything we can to help the college and extend the community feel you get as a student. Anytime you have community support of an organization, it makes the organization better by default," said Ken Odom, technical resource librarian for Rutherford County libraries and 1996 graduate of ICC. "There are a lot of people that the school has helped and it's nice to reach out to those people and give them an opportunity to help in some way."

"The college has touched so many people over 50 years. I think we all know how valuable ICC has been to this community," Dalton said. "It's a great thing for Rutherford County and I think it will be a great thing for 50 years to come."

For more information on how to get involved with the alumni association, contact Mike Gavin at 828-395-1295.