Board approves project for updating pump station

Apr. 22, 2014 @ 12:08 PM

On Monday, the Spindale Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the enactment of a project ordinance regarding the North Carolina Department of Commerce Industrial Development Fund Grant for purposes of rehabilitating the wastewater pump station at the former All American Homes site near the U.S. 221/74 interchange.

The town was awarded the grant after the board passed a resolution authorizing Town Manager Cameron McHargue to complete and submit an application in the amount of $112,035, with a 25 percent local match. Rutherford County will contribute $29,645 leaving Spindale’s portion to $7,700.

The town will now be able to proceed with an engineering contract for the pump station rehabilitation. Team Air, Inc. recently announced their decision to locate an HVAC manufacturing facility at the site. Although located outside town limits, the site is served by the town’s sewer system. The pump station has been deactivated since the departure of All American Homes several years ago and is in need of repair.

Commissioners also continued to discuss updates on the Wastewater Treatment Plant rehabilitation project and 2012 State Revolving Fund sewer replacement project.

Consulting engineer Kurt D. Wright, PE provided a brief report on the clarifier work happening at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is being conducted by Charles R. Underwood, Inc. out of Sanford. Phase one of the work involves cleaning the clarifier and removing solids in order to perform an assessment, and phase two involves recommendations with the rehabilitation in terms of what needs to be done.

Harry Luzius of Kurt D. Wright & Associates briefed commissioners on

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the status of the 2012 State Revolving Fund sewer replacement project. Since last month, Landsdowne Construction has paved the roads involved with the sewer replacement and April 16 marked the project’s official completion date. Luzius said final reports and pay requests are being processed.

Finishing old business, commissioners discussed gathering additional nominations to the town’s Recreation Committee. Recreation Director Eddie Searcy approached the board last month about expanding the committee to have greater town representation.

In new business, the board heard a request from Spindale resident Larry Yelton for an ordinance regarding the usage of golf carts on roads in town limits. 

“Some citizens like myself, have disabilities which may limit them from driving a motor vehicle. But a golf cart, just like a moped, is a device to which citizens can use to travel to places that they may otherwise not have the accessibility to get to,” said Yelton, in a letter to the board. 

There is currently legislation which allows “low speed vehicles” to be operated on roadways. Golf carts, however, are a different matter. They require that the town’s governing board develop an ordinance allowing their use on roadways, as noted in North Carolina General Statutes 160A-300.6.

“I think if the town can find a way to allow golf carts on the streets and set forth certain qualifications and requirements, then I’m certainly not opposed to an ordinance,” said Commissioner Andrew Kirton.

“My suggestion would be to sit down and look at other ordinances from nearby towns and draw up what the town sees fit for its own golf cart ordinance,” added Police Chief R.A. McIntosh.

Following the discussion, the board advised McIntosh to work on developing a proposed town golf cart ordinance.

Continuing new business, the board heard a proposal by Commissioners Tom Roberson and Robin Ensley to initiate a new Spindale Business Association, much like the merchant’s associations that currently exist in surrounding towns.

“I’ve talked to several businesses here in town and many of them are really interested in this,” Ensley said. “This would benefit not only the businesses involved, but also benefit the town.” 

Commissioners also approved a resolution requesting street additions, deletions and changes to the town’s Powell Bill Listing Resolution FY 2014-15.

Regarding the vacant commissioner seat, the board has yet to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Brett Hooper because commissioners requested more time in selection of a candidate. Hooper officially notified Mayor Mickey Bland and commissioners of his resignation from the board on April 10, due to being appointed the new Magistrate for Rutherford County.

Bland anticipates the vacant position to be filled no later than the board’s regular meeting in July.