Dalton participates in Meet and Greet

Walter Dalton is the second out of six finalists for the president of ICC to meet the public.
Feb. 13, 2013 @ 05:40 AM

Walter Dalton met the public and college employees during a "Meet and Greet" session at Isothermal Community College on Tuesday.

Dalton was North Carolina's lieutenant governor until recently. In the November 2012 election, he was the state's Democratic candidate for governor. Currently, he is teaching at Gardner-Webb University and serves as special assistant to their president. He is a former chair of the Isothermal Community College board of Trustees. He is the second out of six presidential candidates who has interviewed for the job held by Dr. Myra Johnson, who announced her retirement last November. Johnson plans to retire in the spring.

In the opening of his speech, Dalton thanked the trustees, staff and faculty for what they do with the college.

"I thank you for what you do, not only for Isothermal Community College but for the community. It is so important. I think you know that you are more important now than you ever have been, and you are not only the hope for the present, you are the hope for the future," Dalton said. "Several people have talked to me about Isothermal this past week and someone said it is a wonderful, wonderful place and one of the greatest assets that we have in this community and indeed it is. I know that."

He also spoke about his leadership style and expectations.

"First of all, l I think I am seen as someone who will bring people together. That is what I have always been about in my public service. I realize there are a lot of things I would have to learn, but I look forward to working with you to learn them focusing on the student, active learning versus passive learning, less lecture and more doing," Dalton said. "I expect loyalty, which means constructive criticism from time to time. If I receive this position, I will fight for you, I will fight for Isothermal Community College, I will fight for the faculty and I will fight for the staff."

In closing, he told the crowd the explanation that he gives people when they ask him what the word Isothermal means.

"I tell them it is very simple. When everybody else is hot and bothered, at Isothermal Community College we are cool, calm and collected. When everyone else is cold as a dead fish, we are going to heat it up and do great things," Dalton said.

After his speech, Dalton participated in a Q&A session with those in attendance. When asked what his visions were for the growth of the college, Dalton responded that he wanted to engage with the community as much as possible and develop that vision with their assistance.

"I think my contacts throughout the state will be a benefit to Isothermal Community College as we look at rebuilding the economy in this whole area. We know that we were devastated with manufacturing losses. We need to focus on where the new jobs will be," Dalton said. "I know we can continue to move forward. I know we can do many bigger and greater things here by working together. I will formulate this plan more fully if I should be given this opportunity."

Other interviews with presidential candidates will be Tuesday, Feb. 19, Matthew Meyer; Wednesday, Feb 20, Mark Kinlaw; Monday, Feb. 25, Kim Gold and Wednesday, Feb. 27. Kristi Snuggs. All sessions will be at 2:20 p.m. at The Foundation.

The public and employees can make comments on the finalists in writing by emailing presidentialsearch@isothermal.edu. Anyone without access to email may hand deliver or mail comments to Isothermal Community College, attn: Human Resources Office/Presidential Search, P.O. Box 804, Spindale, NC 28160. All comments must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28.