Humorist Jeanne Robertson stands true to her promises

Audience leaves performance still laughing
Feb. 05, 2013 @ 05:09 AM

A lot of women left the Foundation at Isothermal Community College Saturday afternoon with "aching jaws" and smiling faces after a performance by humorist Jeanne Robertson.

Robertson of Graham and Miss North Carolina in 1962, brought the house down with her performance at the 2013 "Live, Love, Laugh" Women Event hosted by Rutherford Regional Foundation.

When the audience audience left the auditorium after her 75 minute performance, they were still laughing. Robertson kept a promise she made in an interview prior to coming to Spindale. She promised the audience they would "laugh their heads off" and from comments from some of those attending, she delivered.

Robertson who stands 6-foot-2 shared stories of her life experiences. 

She told stories about her husband, church, friends, senior citizens, her wardrobe and being 6-foot-2 and the challenges it brings.

She said her husband is 6-7 and their son is 6-8 She said the family is concerned "about the grandchildren." 

Robertson told the audience she's on the Board of Trustees at Elon University in Burlington where she lives. "I say that in every speech I make," she said.

Dot Buchanan was standing outside the auditorium with her two daughters after the show was among one of those still laughing. She said it was one of the best things she'd seen in a long time.

Margie Andrews of Rutherfordton was treated to the performance by her daughter Karen Andrews and son-in-law Dan Mrozkowski. "She enjoyed every bit of it and it was well worth it, seeing her laughing like she did. She loved it," Karen said.  

Paula McIntosh of Rutherfordton said, "I feel so much lighter than when I went in there . . .Just having been here. I laughed so much."

Robertson stayed after the show for more than an hour signing autographs and talking with every person who wanted to meet her. 

"She wanted to meet the people before and after the show," said Jill Miracle, executive director of the Rutherford Regional Foundation. 

Miracle said the theme of the event is meant for people to live, love and laugh at the annual events.  "Jeanne Robertson certainly made us laugh," Miracle said.

For more than 45 years, Robertson has been speaking at conventions and theatres across the country.

Her next performance is in Denver, Colo. on Valentine's Day.

Her performances are available through Jeanne's Humor Store, satellite radio, YouTube and iTunes.