ICC board to vote on safety policy

Apr. 23, 2013 @ 05:18 AM

The protection and safety of students at Isothermal Community College will be discussed today.

ICC board of trustees will take action on an admissions exception policy during their regular business meeting at 11 a.m.

If the board approves the policy, it will give the college the right to refuse admission to any applicant if it's necessary to protect the safety of the applicant and other individuals.

"This started about three years ago on the state level. It gives admissions staff the right to refuse admission to an applicant if there's a determination that they would be a detriment to the safety of campus," said Mike Gavin, director of marketing and community relations. "What had been in practice in the community college system since it started was an open-door admission policy, which meant anyone who met the requirements could be admitted. If someone is a known risk to safety on campus, this provides the framework where they can be denied."

The board will also vote on a bylaw change regarding trustee recognition. The board previously approved the bylaws to recognize former trustees with a service plaque. This change will allow members of the trustee's family to receive the service plaque in the event that the former trustee is deceased.

Proposed summer hours for the college will also be decided. The current schedule for the faculty and staff at the college adds up to a 37.5 hour work week. The proposed hours would shorten that schedule to 36 hours.

The meeting will be in the Board Room in the Foundation Performing Arts Center.