Drivers Education

ICC holds their annual Alcohol Awareness and Safe Driving Program.
Apr. 12, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

Students wearing goggles and driving golf carts navigated their way around orange cones on the campus of Isothermal Community College on Thursday.

This was all part of the college's Alcohol Awareness and Safe Driving Program, sponsored by the student government association (SGA) and the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department.

"We have been having this for nine years. We hope to educate people on any risky behaviors they might be having," said Kim Synder, counselor. "We want to raise awareness and work on prevention of any problems."

The students driving the golf carts were part of a drunk driving simulation. They had several different pairs of goggles to choose from, each representing a different level of blood alcohol content. The goal was to get through the course without knocking down the orange cones.

"The goal is to steer them away from drinking and driving. A lot of them say they can't find the gas pedals and drive all over the course," said Dalton Caldwell, a student in basic law enforcement training who assisted with the simulation.

Students also participated in a texting-while-driving simulation. After the students went through the simulation, they could choose to sign a pledge to stop texting while operating a vehicle.

"We put one of us on the golf cart with the other student, then we have them try to type a message as a text while they are going through the loop," said Elizabeth Hodnett, vice president of SGA. "I hope all the students take the time to participate and watch the simulation video. I want them to take the pledge and really commit to it."

Other activities included a National Alcohol Screening Audit and a seat belt convincer. The audits surveyed students to see if they were at risk of pursuing these type of dangerous behaviors. Counselors from Lifeline Counseling Center in Forest City were available to speak to those who were identified as at-risk.

"Alcohol and drug related accidents are the leading cause of death in students this age," said Jeff Wells, of Lifeline Counseling Center. "They are at risk and a lot of times they don't know they are at risk."