Spindale hosts AIG showcase

May. 22, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

Spindale Elementary school was full of proud parents on Monday.

Fifth grade academically and intellectually gifted (AIG) students presented projects they have been working on throughout the year to their families during the AIG Showcase. AIG students from all elementary schools in the county attended to show off their work.

The projects are completed during a Hands on Learning Extra (HOLE) day, held every six weeks. Students are pulled out of their regular classes for an entire day so that they can complete a project.

"During this day, they can start in the morning and finish the project during the day. It's beneficial because I get more out of them and they are engaged the entire time," said Kathy Coldren, AIG specialist for the R-S district.

For their projects students had to create a game using math concepts. Games ranged from "The Biggest Loser" to "Four Weddings."

Fifth grade student Ashleigh Martens was in the group who made the wedding game using the math concept of adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

"I loved AIG days because I got to be with my friends. Mrs. Coldren is the best teacher ever," Martens said.

Along with the games, students also presented research they had completed on the 13 original colonies and catapults they constructed after studying castle life.

"At first they had a hard time with the research because they thought they could Google it and immediately get the answer. But once they learned to do it, they loved it," Coldren said. "I always think that kids learn more when you add projects. When you do it this way, they can discuss it. It's neat to have them talking like that. It's higher-level thinking."