Spindale Board approves bid for sewer project

May. 21, 2013 @ 09:08 AM

SPINDALE — The Spindale Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to issue a tentative award of contract to Landsdown Earth & Pipe, Inc. for the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Sewer Replacement Project at its meeting Monday evening.

"This project has been badly needed and overdue," said Commissioner Tom Roberson.

The town conducted a formal bid opening on May 7 for the project and received four bids. Landsdown Earth & Pipe, Inc. was the lowest responsive bidder with $696,651.

The bid includes specifications for the original construction plan and estimate for replacing the wastewater lines and manholes, as well as for alternate bid items that were determined to be preferable should sufficient funding be available. Alternate bid items include town-installed service laterals with clean-outs from the sewer main and back flow prevention valves for each connection.

The board also discussed the sewer project's total cost. The original project ordinance was approved in the amount of $1,020,016, including $640,000 as the construction estimate.

During the course of 2012 various issues occurred as a result from the administration of the initial stages of the project, thus increasing the total project budget.

The board therefore approved an amendment to the project ordinance to reflect the new totals and agreed to pursue a full scope of $1.2 million. The annual payment will be roughly $35,000 over 20 years.

"This project isn't just something nice to have, this is something that was needed yesterday," said Commissioner Tommy Hardin. "If we consider going with anything other than the full scope, we'll just be moving backwards."

Commissioners also approved changes to the Planning Board Rules of Procedure.

Last month, commissioners referred the draft of rules back to the Planning Board after Hardin motioned to change the terms "chairman" and "vice-chairman" to "chairperson" and "vice-chairperson."

In new business, the board conducted a public hearing regarding a request to rezone the Sunlight Building at 230 Spindale Street.

The request asked to zone the existing property for its correct, historic use as an office building. The property has housed commercial office space for years, but has been zoned as residential.

The owners do not plan for any different type of use than before, however, staff advised them to seek the correct zoning classification due to the property's non-conforming status. This will help resolve any potential future zoning violations.

Thus, the board approved amendments to the Future Land Use Map as well as to the Zoning Map.

During the meeting, after much discussion, commissioners also reviewed and approved the county fire district contract.

The county has submitted the contract to the municipalities with out-of-town areas included in its service districts. Yet, Hardin felt uneasy with essentially signing a "blank" contract.

"I don't like signing a contract where the tax rate is left blank and we don't know how much we'll get," Hardin said. "I want to be able to see this contract in its absolute form, with all blanks filled in."

The board also heard a status report from Lt. Lee Edwards and Rodger Horn concerning a Minimum Housing Ordinance enforcement case and inspection that was conducted at Horn's residence at 140 Cedar Street.

Horn's deadline to complete the residence's repairs was April 30. Horn contacted Lt. Edwards during the first week of April and requested an extension to repair the residence due to his business, Horn's Farm and Garden, being very busy this time of year. He stated that he did not have time to run his business and simultaneously repair the residence.

As a result, commissioners granted Horn an extension of 120 days to complete the repairs.

Commissioners concluded new business with appointments to the Enhanced Recycling Committee (ERC) and Broad River Water Authority (BRWA) Board of Directors.

Roberson was appointed to the ERC, which is tasked with advising residents and businesses on how they can help their community and the environment by taking advantage of the new enhanced recycling system scheduled to begin in August.

Hardin was reappointed to the BRWA, a seat he previously held.

"Mr. Hardin's knowledge and experience regarding matters of local government have been invaluable to the authority," said Rob Bole, vice-chairman of the BRWA, in a letter to Town Manager Cameron McHargue. "His working knowledge of the authority's operations is important for continuity and the board's success."

In his closing remarks, Mayor Mickey Bland nominated John Horne and his grandchildren to be the 2013 Christmas Parade Grand Marshals.

Next month's meeting will be held June 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Spindale House.