ICC students recognized at awards ceremony

May. 15, 2013 @ 05:12 AM

Dozens of Isothermal Community College’s finest students were praised for their exceptional academic efforts recently.

The annual Awards Day ceremony was held on Friday, May 3, in the Library Auditorium.

The students, along with their friends and families, were welcomed by Walter Dalton, the college’s president.

K. Ray Bailey, a member of the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges and the retired president of Asheville-Buncombe Technical College, was on hand to award the annual Academic Excellence Award, the highest honor given to an Isothermal student each year.

This year’s Academic Excellence Award went to Rachelle West.

“When I came to Isothermal, my main agenda was to obtain an Associate in Manufacturing Technology. My initial goal was to find a rewarding career; however, college has given me a more fulfilling purpose,” said West. “I have served as a volunteer for career building events for high schools, fundraising, and club activities offered by Isothermal. Representing Isothermal has helped me to give back to the college and community.”

West, who is married and has five children, says she is “passionate about sharing my experience and plan to continue talking with younger generations. I pass along my story hoping to prevent them from making the mistakes I made at their age, when I dropped out of school. With all the excitement and hard work I have put into my college career, I cannot help but have disappointment in my heart for not applying myself like this years ago.”

Looking ahead, West plans to pursue a Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology at Western Carolina University. She credits Isothermal and the community college system for helping that dream become a reality.

The two other finalists for the Academic Development Award were Lacey Beam and Danielle Cordes.

Many other awards were given that day, each to a student who has distinguished himself or herself in their academic endeavors. The awards, presented by the faculty members who nominated the various students, were given to:

Self - Enrichment Award - Academic Development: Vivian Meyer

Freshman English Award: Nathanael White

Public Speaking Award: Amanda Price

Sophomore English Award: Martha MacQuatters

History Award: Yvonne Lawing

Pre-Allied Health Biology Award: Laura Linder

Biology Award: Brianna Robertson

Spanish Award: Lauren Benfield

General Chemistry Award: Grace Routh

Organic & Biochemistry Award: Cindy Garcia

Mathematics Award: Kimberly Allen

Astronomy Award: Hunter Damewood

General Physics Award: Tim Porter

Psychology Award: Cory M. Rice

Medical Office Administration Award: Tasha Beckett

Office Administration Award: Lacey Beam

Business Administration Award: Patricia Dills

Entrepreneurship Award: Phillip Matt Guffey

Accounting & Economics Award: Kevin Pate

Computer Information Technology Award: Bevin Corbin

Computer Programming: Katlin Wright

Web Technology Award: Chris Laughter

Advertising and Graphic Design Award: Alison Darrow

Broadcasting and Production Technology Award: Danny Stephen Hampton III

Criminal Justice Technology Award: Candis Kursch

Early Childhood Education Award: Felicia Chere McKinney

School - Age Education Award: Skylar Elton

Electrical/Electronics Technology Award: Mitchell D Searcy Jr.

Industrial Systems Technology Award: Rocky Don Arledge

Manufacturing Technology Award: Donna Michelle Ojala

Mechanical Drafting Technology Award: Cody Talley

Mechanical Engineering Technology Award: John David Dennis

This year’s Outstanding Students were also named. In Arts & Sciences, they are Natasha Earney, Chandler Miller, Danielle Cordes and Charles Roach. In Business Sciences, they are Lacey Beam, Phillip Matt Guffey, Jennifer Henson and Jennifer Burgin. In Applied Sciences & Technology, they are Brian Arledge, Barbara Bradley, Morgan Mistretta and Krystal Riffice.