Clerk race grows

Feb. 26, 2014 @ 04:47 AM

The race for Rutherford County Clerk of Court grew exponentially Tuesday with the filing of three candidates.

The District 5 Rutherford County Commission race lost one candidate as Democrat Rob Bole withdrew his name from consideration for the Democrat nomination.

It marked the busiest filing day in the county since the filing opened Feb. 10.

The race for Clerk of Court gained three Republicans vying for the seat held by the late Robynn Spence. Spence filed for re-election on Feb. 10 but passed away Feb. 16.

Assistant clerk Amanda Davis was joined by Rutherford County 911 Communications Director Tammy Aldridge and victim's/witness legal assistant Steve Owens all filed Tuesday.

Davis, who has worked in the Clerk's office for five years, has overseen the criminal division for the last four years.

"I don't know that it was any one thing," Davis said. "I did a lot of soul-searching and praying but I've been in public service for over 20 years and I feel like I can take what Robynn has built and keep moving forward.

"My thing is I just want to help people."

Owens has been with the District Attorney's office since 2000. Prior to that, he worked in the Clerk of Court office under Keith Melton.

“I think our county needs someone down there who will be like her (Robynn Spence) and Keith Melton,” Owens said. “They care about our county.

“When I worked with Keith, when you walked in the front door he made you feel like your problem was his problem and Robynn was the same way. I want to keep that up.”

Aldridge, who has been the county's 911 Communications Director since 2010, also has experience in the Clerk's office. From 2001 to 2010 she worked in various departments, including the criminal division, child support and cashier.

"When Robynn would introduce me, she always introduced me as her replacement," Aldridge said. "I had intended on running when she retired.

"I love my job where I'm at I just feel like this is something I'm supposed to do and I think she would want me to."

On the Democrat side, former Forest City Assistant Chief of Police Bob Ward and Jerry Wease, a facility director/regional coordinator for Parkway of Family Preservation Services have filed for the nomination.

Bole, a former county finance director, initially filed for the District 5 Commission seat last week but decided Tuesday to pull his name from contention. That leaves Loyce Broughton as the lone Democrat filing for the seat held by Republican Julius Owens. Julius Owens filed for re-election on Feb. 10.

"I wanted to be part of the county and give back to the county," Bole said. "When Loyce filed I just didn't have the desire to run a primary because that is as much work as a general election.

"I think she'll be a good candidate and I will support her."

Kay Hagan, incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator, received a primary challenger Tuesday when Hampstead resident Will Stewart filed. Republican Jim Snyder also filed for the already-crowded Republican nomination. Snyder ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2002, losing to Elizabeth Dole. It brings the number of Republicans in the race to five. The Associated Press reported at least two more are expected to file before the deadline.

The deadline to file for the 2014 election is noon, Feb. 28.


Clerk of Court

Bob Ward (D)

Jerry Wease (D)

Tammy Aldridge (R)

Amanda Davis (R)

Steve Owens (R)


County Commission

District 1

Bryan A. King (R)

Deborah Keller (D)


District 4

Sandra Weeks (D)

Michael J. Benfield (R)


District 5

I — Julius Owens (R)

Loyce Broughton (D)


District Attorney 29A

I — Brad Greenway (D)

Ted Bell (R)


District Court Judge — 29A (3 seats)

I — Rob Martelle

I — Randy Pool

I — Laura Powell


N.C. Senate

47th District

I — Ralph Hise (R)

Michael Lavender (R)


N.C. House

112th District

I — Michael Hager (R)



Jack Conner (D)

I — Chris Francis (R)

Don Huckabee (D)

Jason Wease (D)

Dan Good (R)


U.S. Senate

I — Kay Hagan (D)

William Stewart (D)

Mark Harris (R)

Heather Grant (R)

Ted Alexander (R)

Greg Brannon (R)

Jim Snyder (R)


U.S. House (10th District)

I — Patrick McHenry (R)

Tate MacQueen (D)


I — indicates incumbent


Filing deadline is noon, Feb. 28.