Spindale board supports park revitalization

Mar. 19, 2013 @ 11:19 AM

The Spindale Board of Commissioners gave their support for the revitalization of the Carver School park at their meeting Monday evening.

Spindale residents Edna Michael and Wayne Jernigan presented their ideas for creating a park and recreation area for the town’s youth and adults.

“We are not trying to just take the property there, but we want to use it to give Spindale something for our young people,” said Michael.

The concept for the renovations are in the infant stages, and Michael and Jernigan hope to build up the area with a new basketball court, a multipurpose field for softball, volleyball and soccer, and walking trails complete with picnic tables.

Tracy Williams, Executive Director of the Youth Empowerment after school program in Spindale, stressed the need for a recreational area for young people in the community.

“The renovation of Carver park would not only build up the community, but also help keep kids out of trouble and off of the streets,” said Williams.

Renovations would be funded through community-based grants and funds raised through “Project for Change,” a nonprofit engaged in planning the potential renovations.

The nonprofit hopes that renovating the area will give kids in the community a future by starting with today.

In other new business, the board approved two amendments to the Schedule of Fees.

These include charging a fee to private developers engaged in projects that require Town acceptance of infrastructure systems and charging a $100 fee for the naming of Town streets.

Mayor Mickey Bland also made a proclamation designating April 15-26 as “Spring Clean Up” time in Spindale, an event which will be discussed at length in a future meeting.

Bland finished his report with encouraging all residents to ensure they have house numbers clearly displayed on the exterior of their homes.

This will help law enforcement officials and EMS staff find residences more quickly during emergencies.

Next month’s meeting will be held April 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the Spindale House.