Commissioners pass multiple resolutions following public hearings

Mar. 18, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

On Monday evening the Spindale Board of Commissioners held three public hearings and dispositions during its regular meeting at 6:30 at the Spindale House.

The first public hearing regarded a street closure request for a portion of Old Flynn Road. Last month commissioners adopted a resolution of intent to close the street portion at the request of Word of Faith.

The only comments during the hearing came from town resident John Roberts, who inquired about the maintenance, snow removal and trash collection in the area included in the proposed road closure. Following the hearing, the board adopted a resolution for the street closure.

The second public hearing concerned local industrial development incentives for the expansion of a local unnamed industry, code named Project APPI, that intends to invest a minimum of $1.2 million. After no public comments during the hearing, commissioners adopted a resolution for appropriating and spending from the town's general fund amounts to make annual cash grants to the company, for a term of up to five years, equal to a percentage of the ad valorem personal and real property taxes the company pays to the town each year. This incentive follows Rutherford County's recent action to award the same. 

The third and final public hearing regarded zoning ordinance text amendments. The Planning Board reviewed and recommended for approval various text amendments which encompass statutory changes made by the North Carolina General Assembly this year. Following no public comments during the hearing, commissioners adopted the text amendments as presented.

During the meeting commissioners continued to discuss updates on the Wastewater Treatment Plant rehabilitation project and 2012 State Revolving Fund sewer replacement project.

The Town of Spindale was awarded a $1 million grant in January through the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources' (NCDENR) Clean Water State Revolving Fund to assist with the town's $5 million rehabilitation project for the 40-year-old Wastewater Treatment Plant.

On Feb. 7, the town received a formal letter of intent to fund from the NCDENR, and commissioners and town staff held a series of information briefings to discuss the acceptance of the finance terms. A schedule was included in the NCDENR letter, and the first milestone is the town's submission of the engineering report and environmental information document by June 2. 

Earlier this month, Town Manager Cameron McHargue and consulting engineer Kurt D. Wright attended a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) workshop conducted by NCDENR officials at Isothermal Community College, which McHargue briefed commissioners about Monday night.

The grant would not require a local match for the purposes of the town's water and sewer enhancements, and a maximum of $3 million in grant funds could be obtained over a three year period. A requirement of the grant is that it serves an area where at least 51 percent of the incomes are low-to-moderate. Based on the town's most recent data, the area North of Main Street is largely eligible, however, the area South of Main Street is ineligible.

"This is an option that is out there that hasn't been there before and potentially something we could qualify for," McHargue said. "It would be incredible to be able to have the treatment plant rehabilitated with a low cost to the town."

Concerning the status of the 2012 State Revolving Fund sewer replacement project, Wright reported that the contractor, Landsdowne Construction, will be paving roads within the next two weeks. Once paving is completed, the engineer is set to finish final documentation with the NCDENR.

In new business, the board approved a resolution of application for a North Carolina Commerce Industrial Development Fund Grant for purposes of rehabilitating the wastewater pump station at the former All American Homes site near the 221/74 interchange. 

Team Air, Inc. has recently announced their decision to locate an HVAC manufacturing facility at the site. Although located outside town limits, the site is served by the town's sewer system. The pump station has been deactivated since the departure of All American Homes several years ago and is in need of repair.

The resolution authorizes McHargue to complete and submit an Industrial Development Fund Grant application in the amount of $112,035, and to appropriate a portion of the 25 percent local match equal to $7,700.

Additional new business on Monday's agenda included a briefing on current activities and membership of the town's Recreation Committee. Recreation Director Eddie Searcy approached the board about expanding the committee to have greater town representation.

The board also heard a proclamation by Mayor Mickey Bland for Spring Clean-up Week April 21-May 2, 2014 and held a short discussion regarding the purchase of four sets of downtown seasonal banners. The board reached a consensus to use funds already allotted to purchase the banners.

Commissioners finished new business by approving the FY 2013-14 audit contract submitted by Martin, Starnes & Associates, and approving a budget amendment to require an appropriation of $60,000 from the General Fund Balance to meet immediate cash needs of aggregate health insurance claims that occurred this past month.

The board also took a moment to honor and recognize Beatrice Bright for her years of dedicated service to the Town of Spindale. Bright is retiring after eight plus years with the Public Works Department.

"I've enjoyed every minute of it," she told the board.