TDA looking for visitor video

Oct. 26, 2013 @ 05:02 AM

The Rutherford County Tourism Authority (TDA) is undertaking a crowdsourcing project in hopes of developing an asset used to promote tourism in the county.

Michelle Whitaker, TDA director, said the group is seeking out short videos shot by tourists in the county that will be compiled and premiered at the Nov. 12 TDA Alliance Conference.

“It’s been rumbling around in my head for a while and we are moving more and more towards social media,” Whitaker said. “The program for our Alliance Conference started to collide and we thought what better way to see what we are about.”

The videos — shot by tourists to Rutherford County only — are to be under a minute and show sight-seeing, dining and the overall tourist experience in the county.

“We’re calling it an instant movie,” Whitaker said. “It will be a series of photos and movies that our visitors will be shooting showing their experiences here.”

The overall intent is to “showcase Rutherford County through the eyes of our tourists enjoying the many things to see and do in our area.”

“The best way to learn about a place is by word of mouth,” Whitaker said. “That’s the kind of thing we want our visitors to share with other potential visitors and even people in the county.”

Once the videos and photos are compiled, the TDA will turn those around to produce a video that can be used for what Whitaker called “several purposes.”

“Once it premieres at the Alliance Conference, we’re going to use it with a lot of our social media and with volunteer training,” Whitaker said. “It will be much like a virtual tour.”

Visitors can shoot the video or take the photos using their iPhone and email those to Whitaker [] and include the location and names of everyone as they appear in each photo and video.

She said visitors should explain what they love about each photo and video, similar to what they would post on Facebook or Twitter.

“We’ve never done anything like this before and, to my knowledge, no one has done anything just like this,” Whitaker said.

Flyers explaining the process will be handed out this weekend at the Lake Lure Visitors Center.

“If anyone has friends or family coming from out of town they can certainly shoot some video,” Whitaker said.

Only visitors to Rutherford County can submit photos or videos.

“We love where we are but we want to hear what our visitors have to say,” Whitaker said.