Orthodontist employee accused of embezzlement

Aug. 16, 2013 @ 04:40 AM

A 14-year employee of a local orthodontist surrendered herself to authorities after being accused of embezzling from her employer.

Tammy Davis Gurley, 45, of Wesley Road in Morganton, was arrested in McDowell County on Friday after she willingly turned herself in, according to Sgt. Rick Gutierrez of the Marion Police Department.

Gutierrez said Gurley had been a longtime employee of Dr. Christopher Nevant, D.D.S., M.S., at Nevant Orthodontics.

Nevant has offices in Marion and also in Rutherfordton on McBrayer Drive.

Gurley was in charge of daily deposits and insurance claims at the Marion office, and according to Nevant, he began noticing inconsistencies in the office's daily deposits.

Gutierrez said current evidence indicates the amount Gurley allegedly embezzled could reach several thousand dollars.

Detectives with Marion Police said the case is still an ongoing investigation.

According to Rutherfordton Police Chief Kevin Lovelace, no report has been filed with his department regarding Gurley and the embezzlement charges.

"My officers have been in discussions with the Marion Police Department, but as of right now we don't have a report filed on anything taking place here, nor is there any current evidence substantiating anything that happened here," Lovelace said. "Until we can show that a crime has actually been committed here in addition to the one they are investigating in Marion, or if the orthodontist files a report, we will become involved at that point."

Gurley was charged with five counts of embezzlement and booked at the McDowell County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

She is currently out on bond.