Celebrating 2013 at Kidsenses

Kidsenses Children's museum holds their annual New Year's Eve party.
Jan. 01, 2013 @ 05:30 AM

RUTHERFORDTON— Children and parents celebrated the beginning of 2013 at Kidsenses Children's Museum on Monday.

The museum held a New Year's Eve party so that the children could participate in the festivities without having to stay up until midnight.

Joseph Knight, director of education, says that the party is a tradition at the museum.

"It is a fun way to celebrate the new year. It is going well today and we have had a lot of visitors," Knight said. "Kids like it and parents like it because it is a fun and save way to celebrate."

The children who attended played games, participated in New Year's Eve limbo and made their own festive hats.

"This event is focused on the kids. It is their time to have a blast and celebrate," Suzanne Holtzclaw, programs director said.

Knight says his favorite thing about the event is watching the children and parents enjoy themselves.

"I also love watching the kids do the New Year's Eve limbo. They get really into it," Knight said. "But the best part is seeing everyone happy and joyful. We have had so many compliments from parents about how appreciative they are that the museum does something like this for the community."

One of those parents was Michelle Yelton, who brought her son to enjoy the festivities.

"We love it. This gives kids a chance to celebrate without staying up. They get to have their fun here and then the grown ups can have their fun later," Yelton said. "There really isn't another option for the kids to celebrate, unless they do it at home."

Judie Shapiro came to the event with her grandchildren.

"They love it here. They live in Kentucky and this is the one place they always ask to visit when they are here," Shapiro said. "This is the third year we have come to this New Year's Eve celebration."

At noon, the museum officially celebrated the beginning of 2013 with a balloon drop.