Mossburg makes North Carolina All-State Honors Band

May. 03, 2013 @ 05:05 AM

Danny Mossburg has the music in him.

Mossburg, a senior at R-S Central High School, recently made the North Carolina All-State Honors Band. He is the only student from Rutherford County to receive the honor.

“I was glad that I made it and I’m getting to go and experience it,” Mossburg said.

Mossburg will go to University of North Carolina at Greensboro this weekend to participate in a concert with the other students who made the band on Sunday. He is one of 20 clarinet players that made the cut.

“We did All-District band before auditions for All-State. I was second in the district. They take the top six from each district and let them audition. So there were 36 clarinets that auditioned for a position in the state,” Mossburg said.

According to Mossburg, the conductor for the concert will be Stephen Pratt, chair of the department of bands for the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.

“I’m most looking forward to the performance level that will be expected. Everybody is the top players in the state,” Mossburg said. “The caliber of musicianship and the overall level of performance will just be through the roof. It will be phenomenal.”

Mossburg said he knew he wanted to play the clarinet when he first began learning about the instruments in fifth grade.

“It just has such a scenic tone. It’s very pure and very voice-like,” Mossburg said. “It also has one of the largest ranges of any of the wind instruments if not the largest range. I just thought it was so cool. I think all the keys kind of amazed me.”

He is first chair in the band at R-S Central and also plays with the Spartanburg Community Band and the Rutherford County Symphony. He also receives private lessons from Matt Guffey.

“I try to play as often and wherever I can. The more exposure I get, the better it will be for me in the long run. The more music that I play the better I will get,” Mossburg said. “I’ve noticed since I started playing in the orchestra and in Spartanburg too, my sight-reading ability has just gone through roof. Being thrown into an ensemble and then pulling out a grade six piece and then having to play it is fun and challenging at the same time.”

Deanna Putnam, band director at R-S Central, says that Mossburg is one of her success stories.

“I’m extremely proud of him. Danny came in very frustrated and didn’t want to do band after the first couple of days of band camp. He felt like he was behind. The work he has done to get where he is, is amazing,” Putnam said. “He has done it all on his own strictly with hard work. That’s one of those things you don’t forget as a teacher.”

After graduation, Mossburg plans to attend UNCG to study music.

“I just love playing music. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I’m just happy to play music, I just love playing music, It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Mossburg said. “I would love to be an international soloist. I would love to get up everyday, rehearse, give a concert at night, get on a plane, fly to another country, rehearse and then do it all over again.”